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Person Ages 10 +
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The Thrill of Watching a Pike Violently Blindside a Top-Water Lure or Fly is An Absolute Adrenaline Rush.

The season for Interior northern pike starts in June and ends in September as water temperatures fluctuate prior to freeze up. The average size distribution of Minto Flats pike is 26 to 30 inches with outside possibilities of catching the elusive 40-inch 20-plus pounder. Fish in the low to middle 30-inch range is frequently common. Whether your interest is conventional (spinning) or fly fishing, our team of expert northern pike guides will keep you within casting range all summer as we routinely stay on top of their summer foraging movements.  The thrill of watching a pike violently blindside a top-water lure or fly is an absolute adrenaline rush. An occasional jump and short line-blistering power runs are another element of their fighting ability.

Species & location:

Northern pike Esox luscious are ecologically considered to be one of the most dominant freshwater predators that inhabit various lake and river systems throughout Alaska. Out of all the trophy northern pike fishing opportunities in Interior Alaska, the Minto Flats Wildlife Refuge is characterized as a trophy northern pike factory. The Minto Flats Wildlife Refuge encompasses over a half million acres of marshy wetlands fueled from four different river systems that contain dense vegetation, lily pads, bull rushes, and underwater structure. All summer long, northern pike patrol these shallow areas for whitefish, ciscoes, longnose suckers, and in some scenarios ducklings and four-legged fluffballs.