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Half Day
Person Two person minimum
Full Day
Person Two person minimum

Fish and float along the wild and scenic Chena River!

Half-Day Fishing Float Trip

Our Half day trip out of Fairbanks is mostly geared towards spin fishing for Arctic grayling. A 3-4 mile float trip on the Chena River provides adventure and a great fishing experience for even the novice fisherman, and most certainly the wilderness viewing enthusiast. This tour will quickly get you into an off the grid river country within one of the largest State Parks in the Northern Region of Alaska. You can fish and observe a river country and nature that otherwise would only be accessible by bush plane. This affordable tour is a fully outfitted excursion and it includes a 80 mile round trip shuttle starting from your Fairbanks Hotel doorstep. If you are on a short visit to Fairbanks this classic Alaskan float trip will be a highlight, and the fishing for the fabled “Sailfish of the North” the Arctic Grayling certainly will be as well.

Full Day Fishing Float Trip

On our full day float fishing trip you will enjoy a combination of float fishing and more/ample time of wade fishing on the Chena River. This longer trip will offer you even greater opportunities to catch one of the sought after Chena River trophy Arctic grayling that can be 16-18 inches in length and are known for their oversized and colorful dorsal fins. A trip that offers both, beginner or expert a fantastic spin or  fly fishing experience (~7.5h fishing) in the head waters of this clear gold colored river! On this trip we will set you up with either fly fishing or spin fishing gear.

If you are an avid fly fisherman we do recommend booking either this full day float trip or our Delta Clearwater Trophy grayling trip! If you just want to tag along with your fishing husband or friends we can combine this tour with our Scenic Wilderness River Float/Raft tour and you can join as a non-fishing guest at a lower rate!

The River

While the Chena River is a blue ribbon, catch & release  Arctic grayling fishery, it also has a run of King salmon (chinook) during July and Chum salmon in July/August. The fishing for salmon is closed in the head waters that we float, however during this salmon run the fishing with beads for Arctic grayling can be phenomenal and it’s a spectacle in itself to see these migrating salmon spawn after their almost 1,000 mile journey up the wild Yukon and Tanana Rivers! Its something you will always remember!

The Chena River is a class 1-2 river that provides for a gentle relaxing float through the Chena- and White Mountains ranges. The Chena River State Recreation area is home to wildlife such as moose, beaver, bald & golden eagles, water fowl, and wolf. Also grizzly and black bears inhabit this country, though seldom seen.

We choose our fishing float trips and wade fishing tours to be different on any given day, depending on current conditions and our local knowledge to guarantee you the best to date fishing available in Fairbanks. This can also include switching to the Chatanika River a very similar and intimate clear water river to maximize your experience.