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The "Fish & Cook" Ice Fishing Tour (6h)
People Two person minimum
The “Quick & Easy” - Fish & Cook - Ice Fishing Tour (3h)

“FISH & COOK”–Day time Ice Fishing Tours at Chena Lake, North Pole, Alaska!

Our exciting day time “Fish & Cook”-Ice fishing options at Chena Lake in North Pole, Alaska, combine ice fishing with the potential of cooking of your own catch into a delicious fish meal at the end of the tour!

We are enthusiastic that you will love and find any of our tour options a very unique ice fishing experience while here in Fairbanks. We have two options, our “Quick & Easy” is a 3h hour ice fishing tour, or our “Full Day” 6h ice fishing tour for the more passionate angler that wants to get more involved, learn, and increase chances to catch fish.

On both ice fishing tour options our guides will cut fishing holes through the ice (watch or assist if you like), induct you on traditional ice fishing techniques, process the catch, and cook it inside our cabin into a delicious light fish meal over our wood fired stove.

This ice fishing tour will offer plenty of fishing through up to 4 feet of ice, pristine wilderness, and plenty of fun for any age, and skill levels from beginner to expert! You will be staying toasty warm (75F-80F; +20-25ºC) inside our handmade wooden cabins -solar powered and underwater camera equipped.

Aurora Viewing Tip: Chena Lake is one of the prime Aurora viewing locations. If you would like to combine Aurora viewing with your ice fishing tour. We recommend for you to book our “Aurora Ice” –Ice Fishing & Dinner Tour. We also offer a 6pm-9pm Quick & Easy ice fishing tour that sometimes during November-January dark winter months can also have an early chance to see displays of the Northern Lights. Nonetheless, the “Aurora Ice” tour is scheduled during the prime Aurora viewing hours, hence it will be giving you the greatest chances to see the “Lights”.