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DAY and OVERNIGHT FISHING & FLOAT-TRIPS in Fairbanks , Interior Alaska

June 8, 2020 Update: WE ARE OPEN FOR SUMMER TOURS and we offer an ALASKA RESIDENT DISCOUNT (-20%)! You can book your adventure below at any time of the year or day and night online. There are some of the great guided fishing trips ahead of us with our summer opening on June 1st. We can't wait to welcome you here in Fairbanks to the finest fresh water Arctic grayling fishing in Alaska. Enjoy the photos of some exemplary specimen of our precious Arctic Grayling. This is the Summer to mark off some of your Alaskan activities on your bucket list! Give us a call if you want to get out fly- or spin fishing for a day and experience such the beautifull fishing adventures on the incredible waters surounding Fairbanks Alaska!! 


Fly or spin fishing in Fairbanks Alaska for Arctic Grayling - - Chena River State Recreation Area: 

Tour Schedules: 8am-2pm and 4pm-10pm

Price: $189/person


This 6h half day Fairbanks spin or fly fishing tour is an outfitted round trip fishing trip starting from your Fairbanks Hotel doorstep and every Alaska trip's highlight fishing float trip fishing for the fabeled "Sailfish of the North" the Arctic Grayling.

We choose our fishing float trips and wade fishing tours to be different on any given day, depending on current conditions and our local knowledge to guarantee you the best to date fishing available in Fairbanks. Save on transportation, we will pick you up at your hotel. Free guest pick up, fishing gear, light meal and safety equipment included. Two person minimum. Not included: AK fishing license, guide gratuities;

VIDEOS SPECIFIC TO THIS TRIP: we recommend that you watch the specific videos for each trip you are interested in. To help your decision making, we produce and add new material every season to complement our tour descriptions with a visual representation of what you will get to see and experience on the specific tour. Enjoy!


Fly or spin Fishing for Arctic Grayling in Fairbanks fishing the Chena River (State Recreation Area):

Tour Schedule: 8am-6pm

Price: $249/Pers.

A 10h round trip Fly- or Spin Fishing Experience of a lifetime from your Fairbanks Hotel!



This one day Alaskan, Fairbanks wilderness float fishing trip offers both, beginner or expert a fantastic  all day spin or dry fly fishing (8h fishing) for Arctic grayling on the clear waters surrounding Fairbanks! On this trip you will enjoy a combination of float fishing and ample time of wade fishing on the Chena River close to Fairbanks. We set you up with either fly fishing or spin fishing gear.

We choose our fishing float trips and tours to be different on any given day, depending on current conditions and our local knowledge to guarantee you the best to date fishing available in Fairbanks. Save on transportation, we will pick you up at your hotel. Free guest pick up,fishing gear, light meal and safety equipment included. Two person minimum. Not included: AK fishing license, guide gratuities;


in Fairbanks, Alaska - Chena River State Recreation Area (5 Hour Tour) -


Tour Schedules: 8am-2pm and 4pm-10pm

Enjoy some of the best scenic wilderness viewing in Alaska. You could spend much more on a fly out trip to get to see the country and beauty you can experience during this adventure. There are also the opportunities for viewing moose, bald eagle, beaver, spawning Alaskan King Salmon (July/Aug.) and more Alaskan wilderness in Fairbanks on this Chena River Float Trip.

Price: $129/Pers. - A Wildlife/Photography Round Trip from your Fairbanks Hotel!

scenic river float trip in Alaska


Our wildlife viewing and scenic wilderness river float trips in Fairbanks are on Interior Alaska's famous Salmon and Arctic Grayling river, the Chena River. This spectacular State Park area so close to Fairbanks offers guests a grandios wilderness scenery and a unique wildlife or salmon (spawning) viewing opportunity in just a few hours of a tour (5h round trip fr. Fairbanks). You may observe Alaskan wildlife such as moose, bald eagle, beaver, king salmon, chum salmon, arctic grayling, martin, mink, bear, and waterfowl. A once in a lifetime experience for individuals as well as the entire family, a group of friends, and most importantly a popular activitiy for all ages or skill level. Save on transportation, this tour starts right from your hotel door step with a free guest pick up. Delicouse light snacks and safety equipment are provided. We do accomodate large groups of 10 or more! Not included: gratuities f. guide;



for Arctic Grayling in Fairbanks Alaska - Chena River & Chatanika River State Recreation Area:

Price: $525/Pers.


See the best of Fairbanks Alaska Float Fishing and Camping Trip in one overnight stay true Alaskan outdoor camping and fishing trip! For adventurers, fly fishing expert or spin fishermen this truely is the perfect overnight outdoor and fishing float trip experience  that delivers the whole family or your best fishing buddies a trip of a life time. No doubt, the Chena and Chatanika Rivers offer the best camping and fishing trip opportunities Fairbanks and the Interior of Alaska has to offer.


After we pick you up at your local hotel or residence, we take you on a short van ride out to the Chena or Chatanika River State Park areas. Here, a stretch of 8-12 river miles float fishing trip will be the perfect stomping grounds for the beginner fishermen and camper or the expert fly fishing enthusiast chasing those trophy arctic grayling.  Not just will you get to see wildlife and the spawning of wild Alaskan salmon, you will also experience some of Alaska's finest and most scenic river countries. Great food and campfire evening story telling will round up this bucket list adventure!


Bring your adventure spirit and we will take care of great food (BF/LU/DI), all fishing/camping/safety equipment, and first class guiding on the river. Not included: AK fishing license, guide gratuities;



the Interior Alaska OVERNIGHT FISHING and CAMPING TRIP so close to Fairbanks  -  DELTA CLEARWATER CREEK :


Fly fishing in crystal clear water for Trophy size Alaska Arctic Grayling is a real Fairbanks fishing trip opportunity when you are in Interior Alaska.


Price: $599/Pers. - Trophy Arctic Grayling/stunning Alaska Range viewing!




We offer a 1 night/2 day float trip fishing option so you can enjoy the Delta clearwater creek, this Alaskan salmon and grayling stream to its full potential.  Only a scenic 75min drive south of Fairbanks, this famous Alaskan Arctic Grayling and Salmon River truely is crystal clear, and ideal for fly fishing. It produces trophy arctic grayling year by year.


On this two day/one night float fishing trip adventure in Delta Junction +18"grayling are common with a great chance to catch that +20 inch trophy you are looking for. This trip will take you into world-class fly fishing for Arctic Grayling and a float fishing trip you will never forget. As on all our float trips, you will be fully outfitted on this trip. First class camping equipment, hearty meals, fly fishing gear and the best tackle will make your trip the superb and memorable fishing/camping experience you are looking for. If you are on a late fall visit to Fairbanks, also consider our 2 day silver salmon fishing float trip on the Delta Clearwater. It is a unforgettable fishing experience with amazing salmon catch rates. Not included: AK fishing license, guide gratuities;




READ - ADDITIONAL IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Deposit & Cancellation: Payment of full amount is due at reservation and can be made by cash, or credit card. All tours are booked on a first come, first served basis and are subject to prior/post bookings. Since all tours are subject to limited availability, unless you have called, reserved them, and followed up with a deposit your inquired dates and seats may be gone. Day trips can be scheduled for groups of 2 to 16 persons in size (size can vary with river). If you are a single angler please ask about joining one of our existing trips or opt for our privately guided tours. Please be aware that you must read, complete, and agree by signature with all documents supplied. Such documents may include but are not limited to tour descriptions, terms and conditions, and acknowledgement of risk form. It is the participant’s responsibility to read, understand, agree, and/or be aware of the risks, terms & conditions, and any other company policies presented online, electronically, by phone, in person, and/or within any other documents supplied by Alaska Fishing and Raft Adventures. If you have difficulties understanding or reading the English language, be aware, that you are responsible for any misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the terms and conditions and other documents provided, and cannot hold us liable. Further, all participants must comply with instructions by the guide or other representatives, all company policies, all fishing laws, and land use permitting regulations that your tour is bound by. This includes purchasing and carrying all necessary fishing licenses and stamps. Failure to comply with any of the terms and conditions will result in denial of participation at any time before, and/or during the tour.  By receipt of any part of your deposit payment you agree to our terms and conditions.We recommend the purchase of travel insuranceLINK: TERMS & CONDITIONS.


The Fish

Seasonal gamefish include King, Chum & Silver Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char, Pike, and Arctic Grayling. Alaska Fishing and Raft Adventures are your year round guide service experts for any Interior Alaskan sport fishing species.

Arctic Grayling

Alaska is one of the few places in the world where you find Arctic Grayling, a.k.a. "The Sailfish of the North." If you have ever wanted to catch one, we will get you into the fish!

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